Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Recent Posts Widget For Blogger Blogs

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Here I am with a new recent posts widget for the blogger which can help you to get some more page views and a reduced bounce rate since the more the user will be able to shuffle through the site the more you will be able to get the page views.

Most of the times, your one post of the blog get's indexed at the top of the google results and thus to let the visitor get all your recent posts, it is recommended to use this recent post widget in your blog's sidebar. It has also the support for thumbnails.

Get Recent Posts Widget For Blogger Blogs

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Related Posts For Blogger

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Related posts for blogger help you to get more page views and as a result less bounce rate. You can easily show related posts in the blogger based upon the categories. This related posts widget works well with any kind of blogger hosted blog.

Don't let your visitors just visit a single page instead expand your page views with the help of this worthy widget for blogger.

Learn how to show related post for blogger blogs

Friday, March 22, 2013

Social Sharing Widgets For Blogger

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The site talkofweb.com has been launched and there you can learn about new technology stuff along with some geeky tutorials. I want that every body on this earth should learn how to use internet and computers more effectively.

I have created this blog to develop some cool plugins or widgets for the Blogger also which may be used by the common public. A lot of newbies just forget many important things but good pros are always there to help them out. My first widget for the blogger was a custom static share bar. Which had the major services to share the content on them.

Later I decided to create another cool and decent share bar for blogger which may get fixed once user scrolls down the page. If you want to add such a floating bar in your blogger's blog then here I have written a very cool and easy guide regarding that:

Learn to add a floating social share bar for blogger - talkofweb.com


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Recent Posts Widget For Blogger

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