Friday, March 22, 2013

Social Sharing Widgets For Blogger

The site has been launched and there you can learn about new technology stuff along with some geeky tutorials. I want that every body on this earth should learn how to use internet and computers more effectively.

I have created this blog to develop some cool plugins or widgets for the Blogger also which may be used by the common public. A lot of newbies just forget many important things but good pros are always there to help them out. My first widget for the blogger was a custom static share bar. Which had the major services to share the content on them.

Later I decided to create another cool and decent share bar for blogger which may get fixed once user scrolls down the page. If you want to add such a floating bar in your blogger's blog then here I have written a very cool and easy guide regarding that:

Learn to add a floating social share bar for blogger -

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